Cookie policy

By using Autosert Tacho’s website, you agree that cookies, web beacons or similar storage technology may be placed on your computer or other devices from which you access our webpage. This Cookie Policy describes what cookies we use on our website and for what purposes.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created by the website and stored on your device when you visit our homepage. The browser you use, uses the cookies to forward the information back to the website at each subsequent visit, for website to recognize the user and to remember user’s choices (for example, login information and other settings). This can make your next visit easier and site more useful to you.

2. What type of cookies and for what purposes we use?

We use different type of cookies to run our website. Below indicated cookies may be stored in your browser.

Mandatory cookies.
These cookies are important because they are necessary for smooth operation of the website. Without these cookies, it is impossible to ensure connection to the user profile and to use website in full. These cookies identify user’s device, but do not reveal the identity of the user and do not collect user’s information. These cookies are stored on the user’s device until the browser closes.

Functional cookies.
These cookies provide convenient and complete use of our website, as well as helps users to efficiently use the website and make it personalized. Functional cookies save user’s preferences and ensures individual functions. For example, to ensure “Remember me” functionality which allows user to enter their e-mail and password just once. These cookies are stored permanently on the user’s device.

Analytical cookies.
These cookies collect information about how users interact with our website, for example, to determine which sections are most frequently visited and which services are most often used. The collected information is used for analysis purposes to understand what interest users and how to make the webpage more user friendly. For analytical purposes, we may use third party cookies. These cookies are stored permanently on the user’s device.

Targeting cookies.
These cookies are used on our website to tailor marketing to you and your interests and provide you with a more personalized service in the future. These cookies remember that you visited our website and may be used to show you personalized advertisements on social media and other sites. For targeting purposes, we may use third party cookies. These cookies are stored permanently on the user’s device.

Third party cookies.
Our website uses third party services, for example, for analytics services so we would know what is popular in our website and what is not, thus making the website more usable. Third party cookies are out of our control and you can learn more about these cookies and their privacy policy by visiting website of respective third party. All information processed from third party cookies are processed by respective service provider. At any point in time you have right to opt-out from data processing by third party cookies. For more information, please see next section of this Cookie Policy.

For example, we may use Google Analytics cookies to help measure how users interact with our website content. These cookies collect information about your interaction with website, such as unique visits, returning visits, length of the session, actions carried in the webpage and others.
We may also use Facebook pixels to process information about user’s actions on our website such as visited webpage, user’s Facebook ID, browser data and others. The information processed from Facebook pixels are used to display you interest-based ads when you are using Facebook as well as to measure cross-device conversions and learn about users’ interactions with our webpage.

3. How to control cookies?

When visiting our website, you are presented with an informative statement that the website uses cookies. If you want to revoke your consent to save cookies on your device, you can delete all cookies stored in your browser and set up your browser to block cookies being saved. By clicking on “help” button in your browser, you can find instructions on how to prevent the browser from storing cookies, as well as what cookies are stored already and delete them, if you want to. Changes to the settings must be made for each browser that you use.

However, please note that without saving certain cookies, it is possible that you will not be able to fully use all the features and services of the Autosert Tacho’s website.

You can also separately opt-out from having your website activity available to Google analytics by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on, which prevents sharing information about your website visit with Google Analytics.

Furthermore, if you want to opt out from interest-based, behavioral advertising, you can opt out by using one of the following tools based on the region you are in. Please note that this is third party tool which will save its own cookies on your devices and Mapon does not control and is not responsible for their own Privacy Policy. For more information and opt-out options, please visit:

4. Cookie Policy changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this Cookie Policy. Amendments and / or additions to this Cookie Policy will come into force when published on our website.

By continuing to use our website and / or our services after changes have been made to this Cookie Policy, you are indicating your consent to the new wording the Cookie Policy. It is your responsibility to regularly check the content of this policy to learn about any changes.

5. Contact information

If you have any question about your personal data or this Cookie Policy, or if you would like to make a complaint about how we process your personal data, please contact us by e-mail at, or by using the contact details below:
Ametikoolitus OÜ
Attn: Data Protection Officer
Address: Aida 5-205, Pärnu 80010, Eesti

This Cookie Policy is effective from 24th May 2018.